Features you can enjoy : Tubidy

One of the most interesting features of Tubidy is the conversion function. With this feature, you can easily convert the video you want to an MP3 file.

In addition, the video you want to convert can be shot by another app. Here’s how to convert some videos from another platform and the download is from Tubidy.

One of the best refreshing moments is listening to music that can end your war in life. Here Tubidy shared everything you need as a music lover through greater website features.

This platform contains everything you need and love it as a music listener more than your expectations. Besides music, there are many things you can explore through its platform that makes you feel comfortable.

Moreover, this platform is a free platform that you can use whenever and wherever you want. In addition, you need to connect to the Internet before listening to or downloading the music you want.

What is Tubid?

If you’re a music lover, you’ll be familiar with music apps and platforms that offer different music to listen to. In this case, Tubidy is one of the platforms that offer music, video and podcast that you can easily listen to.

In addition, this platform not only proves the music of ideas, but also provides other interesting things such as podcasts and videos. With this feature, you can enjoy anything you want and like everything that is.

In addition, the approach of this platform is not as complex as you expect. You can easily access music, videos, and podcasts by printing your name or other information in the search box the platform offers.

This platform can include any kind of favorite music, videos and podcasts that are supported by other platforms such as YouTube, Tik Tok, Facebook, SoundCloud and many others.

Features you can enjoy

As mentioned in the previous explanation, Tubidy has many interesting features that people can easily enter. The following information will explain the features you can enjoy on this platform.

1. Enjoy free music

Listening to music will give the best feeling to someone who loves music. Here, this platform offers its best features that can make you enjoy music well all the time.

Sometimes downloading the song before you hear is the most convenient thing to do, which is to waste your time. In addition, on this website you can easily listen to music without downloading the song and enjoying it directly.

Listening to the song without downloading the song means you have to be online while listening to music. However, you can still find and listen to your favorite music, even though you never download the song.

2. Easily find favorite music

This platform gives a lot of interesting things through features like search bar features. This feature will make it easier to find your favorite song just by printing the song information, such as the band title.

More information may be needed if you forget the title of the song. You can hear or download the song you suddenly turned off and save it to your device.

3. Provide top music and video

The song you would say on the usual music platform or app can only provide MP3 files. However, Tubidy provides it differently by adding some interesting videos and pods throws through the website.

With these features, listeners, including you, can not only hear the best songs, but also watch and enjoy the podcast. Therefore, it will make it more interesting and fun than websites or other music apps.

The podcast or video can come from another platform like YouTube, Tiktok, or others. This platform has no restrictions through the resources you can get.

  • Find the video or podcast you like from another platform. You can get them from YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok or other platforms.
  • Find and copy the URL link from these platforms.
  • Go to the Tubidi House page.
  • It cleaned up the link you copied in the search box located at the top of the house.
  • Click on the search button and the process will begin.
  • The platform will show you some options that are related to your search.
  • Choose one and easily enjoy the video or podcast. If you want to download, the button is ready to use.

4. Available in different languages

It not only provides the best song, video and podcasts, but also provides different languages for listeners. These different languages will make you and all listeners easy to use and access this platform without any improper communication.

You can set and use the language you understand well, without exception or limited language, on this website. You’ll love it better by listening to your favorite music, videos, and valuable podcasts.

5. Easy to convert any kind of video to MP3

One of the most interesting features of this platform is the conversion function. With this feature, you can easily convert the video you want to an MP3 file.

In addition, the video you want to convert can be shot by another app. Here’s how to convert some videos from another platform and download them.

  • Find the video you want to download from another source.
  • Find and copy the link to the song.
  • Go to the Tubidy main page. On the main page you will find the search box at the top of the page.
  • After you link the song you copied before. Be sure to click on the search button to start the process.
  • This platform will show you some songs related to them.
  • Select one of them and click on the download button.
  • If you click on the download button, the page will clearly change to the download page.
  • Select the format of the song you want to download. The file format will be MP3 or MP4.
  • After selecting the file format, you can choose the size of the song you want to have. In general, MP3 files will be small from mp4.
  • You have to wait several times until the conversion is complete and the song is stored on your device.

This is the last part of the explanation in terms of Tubidy and the characteristics inside. This application offers many interesting and meaningful features that you can easily access while opening the website.